Established in 1930, Manohar Lal Sarraf and Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. had its roots in the city of Meerut before establishing itself as one of the most respected houses in New Delhi. Today, the jewellery house is a family of six stores across New Delhi.

Our founder, Mr. Manohar Lal Sarraf was a first generation entrepreneur. He entered the jewellery industry nearly 90 years ago at the age of 20. With pure dedication and determination, he was able to create a brand that has become pioneer for delivering quality and transparency in the jewellery industry.

The Journey Begins

Having joined in 1922, as an employee, our founder, late Shri.Manoharlal Saraff becomes a partner in his uncle's jewellery store in a short span of eight years.

A New Beginning

At the age of 70, he parted ways with his uncle and started Manoharlal Jewellers with his two grandsons - a sheer testament to his formidable entrepreneurial spirit.

A legacy in the making 

Manoharlal Jewellers becomes the only house to introduce Hallmarking in handcrafted jewellery in North India. Unmatched quality and trust become synonymous with the MLJ pillars of Beauty, Purity and Security. 

Creating a New Home 

Starting a new chapter for the brand, the Manoharlal Jewellers name moves to New Delhi where they establish their very first store in Green Park.

A Growing Family

Through 2011 and 2019, the Manoharlal Jeweller family grows further with the love of their customers and employees alike. The house expands to six new locations across New Delhi.

A New Store

Manoharlal Jewellers open a store in Indirapuram.

Creating Experiences

Manoharlal Jewellers moves its flagship store to a new location in South Extension. The space is an embodiment of the founders ideals, creating an immersive experience for customers.

Beauty. Purity. Security.

The Pillars of MLJ

Our award-winning jewellery combines the intricacies of impeccable technique with beautiful, modern day design.

BIS Hallmarked Jewellery

GIA Certified Diamonds

All Natural Colored Stones

Transparency In Billing

Lifetime Buyback On Current Prices

Join the world of Manoharlal Jewellers

An unparalleled shopping experience awaits you.



Recognised for our modern design and technical skills at the Indian Jeweller Design Awards by Indian Jeweller Magazine, Jaipur Jewellery Show.

2019: Best Transformative Jewellery

Recognised for our intricate attention to detail and craftsmanship with our necklace design at the Indian Jeweller Design Awards by Indian Jeweller Magazine

2018: Best Necklace Design

Recognised for our design by a panel of experts at the Indian Jeweller Design Awards by Indian Jeweller Magazine

2017: Editor's Choice

Recognised for our bridal jewellery that celebrates the modern bride while honing the age-old craftsmanship at the Indian Jeweller Design Awards by Indian Jeweller Magazine

2015: Best Bridal Design